benefits of fasting

What are the health benefits of fasting?


Fasting is the most popular kind of diet worldwide many people do this kind of diet to lose weight, and some are doing this for religious belief. One way diet to lose weight is fasting, but there are some instances that fasting is not for everyone. Fasting is not only to lose weight, but there are other benefits to our health. If a person doing fasting for one day or five days in a week, there are many benefits that they can get on fasting. Studies say that doing fasting will benefit our health to improve our blood pressure, cholesterol level, and insulin level of the body.

With water

Water fasting is a type of fasting that you can’t consume anything except water. People do this kind of fasting to lose weight, religious belief, for medical purposes, detoxifying, and other health benefits for the body. The main reason for water fasting is to improve the medical condition of the body, like lowering the risk of having diabetes, cancer, and other heart diseases. There are no proper guidelines in water fasting most people drink two to three liters of water per day. Water fasting can last for two days until three days; if you do it for more than three days, you should ask a medical professional for proper guidelines to prevent future problems.

health benefits of fasting

Without water

Fasting is the most popular kind of diet and sacrifice by the people or religious belief, but there are many kinds of fasting like without water fasting. Dry fasting or without water fasting is a kind of fasting that you can’t take anything for 16 hours you are not allowed to eat and drink during this time and after that hour on the 8 hours that left in 24 hours, you are allowed to eat and drink of any kinds of food or liquids. There are four kinds of dry fasting, like Intermittent fasting, Alternate day fasting, Eat-stop-eat, and Periodic fasting. Dry fasting has many benefits in your health other than losing weight like improved immune function, Cell regeneration, reduced inflammation, and Skin benefits. There are some side effects of dry fasting in our body like Persistent hunger, Tiredness, Irritability, Headaches, Poor focus, and Decreased urination.

With fruits

Fruit fasting has many benefits to our body like fruits clean our body they are the best detoxifier of our body. Fruitarian diet or fasting is you only eat fruits with their natural states like avocado, papaya, tomato, cucumber, apple, oranges, and olives. People in fruit fasting strictly eat only fruits, vegetables, starch, process food, and cook food are out on the list of food eaten by a fruitarian fasting people. Fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and beta carotene that is good to our body, and fruit fasting will help our body in lowering the risk of having cancer and other diseases in the future. In some instances, there are few risks to this kind of fasting and diet like cravings, diabetes, tooth decay, and nutritional deficiency. Ask medical professionals if you will try this kind of fasting for proper guidelines to prevent future problems.

With vegetables

Vegetarian fasting is as good as other types of fasting that we do. Vegetarian fasting has many choices, and combinations of food like can vegetables, fresh vegetables, steam, and cooks vegetables are the choices that you can choose. Like another fasting vegetarian, fasting has many benefits because vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein that is good for our health. Eating vegetables will lower the risk of having future diseases and lower the cholesterol level of our blood pressures. Vegetarian fasting will make our body slim, sexy, and healthy and free from diseases and illnesses.

For diabetic Person

Fasting for a diabetic person has a guideline to follow because diabetic people have the risk of lowering their blood sugar, and it is bad for their bodies. Fasting for a diabetic person should be coordinated by medical professionals to prevent future problems while doing a fasting program. A diabetic person should continue monitoring their blood sugar upon doing the fasting program to reduce the risk of having hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. The general health benefits of fasting in a diabetic person are they can improve the management of glucose, lowering the cholesterol level, helps to weight loose, and cut down the insulin resistance.

For one day

Whena person doing fasting for one day or not, they need energy for the day. The main sources of energy are sugar or glucose and carbohydrate from the food that we eat every day. When we are eating, the sugar will go to our liver, and the liver releases it whenever the body needs it. While a person is in the fasting program, these procedures will changes the liver will release the stock glucose or sugar, and it call gluconeogenesis. In this process, the metabolism of the body gets slow down, and the body burns its own muscle tissue to have the energy.The benefits of fasting for one day will improve your cardiovascular health and will fight some types of cancers.


Sometimes fasting will help you to lose weight if you do it correctly and if you do it for a long time. But there are guidelines before doing any kind of fasting diet, whether one day or for a long time. There are different kinds of fasting for every people like a diabetic person or any kind of person. Fasting has many classifications and combinations like with water, without water, with fruits, with vegetables, or to lose weight. People should know about the risk and benefits of doing fasting programs. There are many benefits and risks for any kind of fasting example benefits are lowering the risk of having cancer in the future and lowering the cholesterol level of the body.

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