why healthcare should be free

Why Healthcare Should Be Free?

Healthcare should be free for all the people because if a member of a family got sick, the future problems come out. Really, health is one of the rights of every human being in the world when we are born; we have the privilege to live and to avail of all the rights of a human being.

Healthcare programs should be free for all because of healthcare programs will save more lives in the world, and no one should be bankrupt after having an illness or disease.

If all the people in the world have a free healthcare program, many people will be healthy and strong.

Basic human rights

Undoubtedly, healthcare program is one of the basic rights of a human being they are the rights imposed by the law according to the World Health Organization according to them that every citizen of the country has the right and privilege to have healthcare programs.

This right is the obligation of the states to its people being a citizen of your country, your government has the obligation for you and to give you the right to have the healthcare programs for your health.

The rights of having a healthcare program are the rights of a human being like to have food, shelter, information, work, educations, and participation in all the necessary precautions of being a citizen of your country.

free healthcare

Health care for all

Healthcare program is the system that provides a quality health program for all the citizen of a country all the people has the right to avail the healthcare program from their federal government.

The healthcare program should provide and oblige by the government for their citizen. Every healthcare program has advantages of disadvantages for all the citizens in their country.

The government should impose this policy to lessen the cost of the families and taxpayers of the states.

The healthcare programs should be given to all the citizen of the country for free because it is their right to have and avail it.

Healthcare for the poor

Below poverty, people are the main contributors of thousands of death in the world every year because they are the people that can’t avail to pay the high doctor’s fee and hospitals bill.

When they are ill and have the disease, they are hesitating to visit the doctor, clinics, and hospital this is isn’t right because of being a citizen of your country you have the right to have the free healthcare programs that are provided by your state or country.

You have the right to be treated and cured on your illness by the medical professionals in your country, even you are poor or wealthy.

The government of the country should provide and impose free healthcare programs for all the people in the states or countries for the rich and poor.

Healthcare with or without insurance

Healthcare programs are one of the basic needs of the people in the world; poor people can’t survive on their illness and disease if they don’t have healthcare programs on their side.

There are many choices that the government can use to have free healthcare programs for their citizen.

Finding and choosing an insurance company that will handle the healthcare programs for their citizen is the best one that they can choose on.

Children’s healthcare programs, Veterans’ healthcare, and Medicare for all ages are the best ideas that they can avail for all the people in their country.

The real thing is the government is obliged to give healthcare programs on their citizen with or without insurance.

Healthcare programs are a business

Businessmen are engaging and dealings with the government of every country on the healthcare programs and insurance for the citizens of the country.

Healthcare programs are business because of this is concerned by a hospital, medicines, and medical professionals.

Healthcare programs are like other businesses in the field; they are concerned about investment, income, and profit. Businesses in the field need to grow and gain more income to be fruitful and strong in the future.

Healthcare To homeless

Healthcare programs for homeless people should be imposed by the government of the states because homeless people have more risk of having diseases and illnesses in their stay on the streets.

They are the one that is hard to treat and cure because they are homeless and has no permanent address.

Homeless people also have the right to have healthcare programs from the government because of being a citizen of the country you have all the rights are on your hands.

Healthcare can be free

Healthcare programs can be free and should be free for the citizen of all the nations because this is the right of a human being.

Healthcare programs should be offered by the government for the people for free because being a citizen of the states, the government is obliged to give you the healthcare insurance that you need in the times that you are sick.

All the citizen of the country can avail the healthcare programs that offer by the government for its people, whether they are poor or rich.


The government of every country should give all people healthcare program insurance because they are obliged to give these programs to their citizens.

Because when a citizen was born in their nations, all the rights and privileges for being a human being are on their hands from the food, shelter, participation, rights, and healthcare programs.

A healthcare program should be free and not be paid by any amount of money and kind by a citizen of the country because their government is responsible for giving them free healthcare programs, whether they are poor, rich, and homeless people.

Being a citizen you should know what is your right and privileges that have given by the states on you.


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