Corona Virus World Pandemic

Coronavirus World Pandemic; Having Hope in Place of Worry

Coronavirus World Pandemic; Having Hope in Place of Worry


I recently came across a special message from a happy soul on Twitter about coronavirus. The positive thinker was giving hope and spreading love to our current depressed world. According to her, the novel coronavirus has no reality in her experience. The reason, the spirit in her is stronger than the spirit in the world. “I am a strong being, and my heavenly father will not let disease wear me down,” she said. Consequently, the lady claims to be living life abundantly, managing to wear a smile amid all the frowns and tears that have become characteristic of our current predicament.

My twitter buddy obviously meant well with her message. However, the claims didn’t go well with a large majority of social media users. Within minutes, the comments section was flooding with comments of scorn and ridicule, many laughing off the idea of having faith in a supernatural intervention during a trying moment like this. “Religious freak!” many tweeps trolled her.

Human Nature

I understand why my friend received such feedback from the same audience she was hoping to enlighten. One would think that the users hating on my friend’s sentiments had a better understanding of the calamity that has struck us, in the name of COVID-19. Unfortunately, that can’t be further from the truth. The same individuals discouraging my friend and frowning at her positive outlook on life are the same ones entertaining morbid thoughts of our pending doom, highlighting our unpreparedness to deal with the corona disaster.

Such is human nature. We tend to feel comfortable accepting half-truths, rather than have faith and hope of a brighter tomorrow, especially during the trying moments when salvation seems beyond our grasp. You see, we seem to be trapped in a dark tunnel, but instead of visualizing the light at the end, which is what we actually want, we tend to dance in the dark and accept doom in place of redemption.

Coronavirus Better truth

My mentor taught me that truth is apparent. Whatever we believe in our hearts is the actual truth; therefore, my truth can be different from your truth. My friend believes that corona is not in her experience, and she chooses to see the silver lining on the dark cloud – that is her truth. The majority, on the other hand, are more comfortable concentrating on the dark cloud and focusing on the absence of light. Unfortunately, on a certain level, the darkness becomes the truth in such cases.

The famous glass analogy puts my point into a better perspective. A half-full glass can also be viewed as a half-empty one, depending on the viewer. The individual seeing a half-empty glass is usually focusing on lack, while the optimistic one sees a half-full glasses more focused on presence. One individual is hoping for a full glass, while the other seems to be yearning for an empty glass. Which is the more desirable option? Mind you, both scenarios are true,  or what do you say?

The same case applies to our current situation.


Choice in the time of coronavirus

We all have a choice. We are not hardwired to think in a predetermined way. We can always change our perspective and begin to search for light, rather than focus on the darkness. Remember, perhaps darkness doesn’t exist. It could be an illusion; the same way that the half-empty or half-full glass perspective depends on the truth we choose to believe. Darkness is simply the absence of light. Thus, if we can find light, even just a spec, and concentrate on that, then the darkness will begin to fade.

Once we have learned that we are deliberately choosing our truth and creating our own reality, we will begin to appreciate more of life. You must control your life and live life on your terms. However, it is also important to note that you have no control over the lives of others and the choices the rest of the world makes. Yours is simply to find the light and dwell on that.

That is the purpose of life, at least according to my understanding. So now, the question arises; “How do we change our perspective and choose the better truth?”


The change of perspective begins with the appreciation of what we have now. For one, if you are reading this, you can begin by giving thanks for your health or, at least, the awareness you are gaining reading this article. I am a student of the law of attraction and have come to learn that we always attract what we are dominantly thinking about. That means that if you can focus on the gifts of life, and give thanks for everything in your experience, no matter how small, life will continuously give you more reasons to be grateful for.


The concept I’m teaching is nothing new. Many deliberate creators, including the good friend I met on twitter, know just as much. Focus on health, joy, and life, rather than disease and gloom, and you will surely be rewarded with an experience that is a complete replica of your thoughts.

The concept applies to everyone, even the sick. Reports have shown that some aged people, some well over 90 years have recovered from the novel coronavirus, contrary to popular belief that the aged have little chance of surviving the calamity. I would like to believe that those individuals opted to concentrate on health rather than doom, hence their apt recovery.

If everyone in the world would open their eyes and concentrate more on life and the gifts we have, then we would be making major steps in winning this battle. Therefore, change your outlook today and get back on track headed for a brighter future. Stay safe and take measures to maintain good health. If you are already sick, this is not the time to despair. There is hope. Just trust the system for a solution and have faith for a brighter tomorrow. We will survive the corona pandemic and emerge on the other side victors, and stronger than we ever were. All is well.

Stay safe and be blessed in this critical coronavirus.


You are free. You are powerful. You are good. You are love. You have value. You have purpose. All is well!

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